Octavia- Finding myself


While i was brushing off the dust from the corners of the wall, I noticed a large web, an unusual one. I felt a mystical vibration in my veins as i began to walk towards this enormous web. Each strand interconnected, supporting the other. A city emerged through this web, a city beyond the realms of imagination was suspended below from these strands. The entire space was lit up with chandeliers like clusters in the sky. There was a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, seeing this unfamiliar sight . i was unsure whether i should walk further but curiosity got the better of me, so i continued to walk. Suddenly i felt a hard bang on my head. I looked up to see, while another kid came swinging by.

The people living there were cold, each one secluded from the other. There was no form of connectivity among them. The houses made of sacks suspended from the strands of the web gave a feeling of warmth and security while they drifted away from the happenings of the city, into their own peaceful abodes.

They climbed down with the help of rope ladders hanging from the web. Each ones fist clenched tight around the poles of the ladder, with the fear of letting go.

I was tired, I believe i had walked too deep into this web not realising, too distracted by this unusual environment. My mind was muddled and i began to feel alone, afraid i would be trapped in this city forever. I Suddenly felt warmth on the surface of my skin a new understanding dawned upon me. It was almost like each strand had a story to tell some happy some sad but however these memories connected the souls of the people living here.

Just then i was taken aback by the flickering of her eyes. Her toes clenched. A wise woman of ageless beauty sat there emanating light from her heart, at that moment i web disappeared and i was set free.


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