It’s been a century since Pandora let out the plague of misery unto the world. The people of the world were terrified of their now state of mortality and clung on to life with a desperate need to live. They lived life to the fullest till the days they departed. However, death was frightening. They wanted more. So the captured the souls of the dying ones and after turning their perishable vessels immortal they’d return the souls back to the body.

Eusapia of the living was too small a place for the dead, so they built one for the living, an identical city underground and the confraternity of hooded brothers were the only ones who could commute and exchange between the two.

Initially the city of the dead was changed according to the changes in the city of the living. The mummified bodies carried out activities they performed amongst the living but the dead having regained immortality had no need to carry out these mundane tasks unless they liked their tasks. Now having no direction to follow, the dead began to innovate. Changing the design of their Eusapia. The confraternity needing to maintain the identical cities started changing the city of the living.

When the members of the confraternity die, due to their nature during life, were compelled to carry out their duties, form the city of the dead they commute to the city of the living. The veil that separated the two cites has disappeared. No one knows which city is being made in whose image. People believe the dead are the true creators of the cities and they are all that will prevail.


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