Tunnel Narrative

After travelling different cities of this country, it was time to explore Tamara. Tamara, ‘the city of wonderland’ got me goosebumps each time I spoke about this city. I did not remember anything of the past except this beautiful experience of my lonely life. I lost my parents in a car car accident when i was 12, I was 22 now. My childhood went in grief and pain. The only way to overcome this distress was to travel. Travelling made me happy. So i decided to travel the world, meet new people explore different places.entering the city, I witnessed tall tress, huge houses, big doors, many four legged animals. Everything was three times bigger to its actual size. Nothing seemed usual to me. Fascinated by the sight of footprints of the rat into the house, I ran rapidly behind it. Being left alone from the new environment , I was clueless where to go. The very next minute my eyes flashed on a shadow of a person nearing me. My heartbeat was on race, my face went numb, I was unaware of what to do. I sat, hearing the shrieking footsteps of an unknown soul. He showed up, this handsome soul took my eyes and mind off everything around.  Couldn’t get over that magical moment. It didn’t take me a second to realise that I had already fallen for him. That soul got me into million dreams, I approached him. All I did was just a smile, he had understood. Eyes were just enough to express my feelings for him. Leaving the house, going towards the woods I shared my experience with him. He smiled at me in mute. All was going good till I sang a song for him.He pushed me away, and said I reminded him of his past, which he had already forgotten. Henceforth, refused to see my face again. That got me all shattered and heartbroken. And made me come to a conclusion of leaving the city forever, and never turning back. I had not explored the city at all. All i experienced was an encounter with this handsome boy. After leaving the city, I realised that I failed to discover the most beautiful city. But I had no regrets, inspite of not discovering the city, I had experienced the most beautiful thing.


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