Tunnel Narrative


In a universe far away, there set a world in the center of the galaxy within which was a beautiful yet elegant city, a city of high bastions. It’s that kind of a city that would arise right out of a child’s imagination. We could just imagine the beautiful elements the build up this city, the streets twisting and turning in such a way that they form swindling stairways. But there remained a few streets flowing like water, gushing out of a drain. The streets lights standing tall and showing a gesture of festivity. The houses, standing tall, twisted with bright glowing roofs.

The city, in young Kublai’s head is filled with happiness and joy as you would see in every little child’s mind. The people, rejoicing over the memories that the kid has created over a period of time. But of course, at one point young Kublai had a deep dark times in his life within which his life was turned up side down which influenced his mind in such a way that his memories for his imaginary city  was  battered in the form of firings or some kind of war. A war that affected him in such a way that he could compare it to a game of chess.

Growing up, Kublai’s mind grew larger making his memories even more stronger. His memories being the day he found his first love, the time where he imagined their nuptial processions but at one point where he would feel like an usurper to the stranger’s life. Also the moment in life where Kublai’s  memories constantly begins to fade away into an abyss where in the city in his mind starts to give away.

But alas! this was just a mere realisation that that controlled  his young mind. A realisation that had been scratched into the corners of his mind telling him that his dark memories can’t really take a hold of his young mind, but it is those strong  and wise memories that help him in building up to his life.


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