LEONIA – tunnel narrative


This city was built up and known to the world today because of the biggest export of drugs in the country and all across the world. the city was known for its leonian vinchi, a white powdered drug made in the outskirts of the city. In such places where even a speck of dust is impossible to be  tracked down.

Its since the export started and the business expanded in the drug world did the wars began and began the deaths in number that can’t be kept in count.

Over the years as time passed by, marca in no time became the king of the drug empire in leonia. Under his rule in the drug world the death rate outnumbered the birth rate. In no time he was exporting vin chi all around the world. He had the leonian police working under his foot. He had bought every possible source with the money he had.

Marca had a large army working under him. He was the man of his family, a good husband, a good son, his family supported him on every step he took and every decision he made.

He was respected by his fellow mates namely pedro and morgana

The period from 1989 to 1997 was a major rise in the drug world,  over 10 years the exportation of vin chi had reached its peak. People were consuming it in different measures, whether it be a peasant or a business tycoon. It was available in all measures.

The drug enforcement was not able to handle the epidemic. The case had ran out of their hands and they could not possibly do anything. Everyone worked under marca even the government officials were bound by his money.

Marca came from a very small village named tavo, he was born and brought up in a poor environment, less education, scarcity of human resources, alcoholic father, needy mother. Growing up in such a built up environment where he only saw violence around him he knew how difficult the world was going to be for him and so he created himself to fight against it and today he respected where he stood.

Marca had his own set of believes and rules he followed.

“I value where I stand today”, he said.

Winters of 1997, over the high range of mountains and down the steep hills walking through deserted regions one finally reaches the wild city of leonia. The city today was known to the world for its wide exportation in drugs. 5am to be precise, I saw those little men running toward me along with big guns all set put a bullet trough my body, one shot and the birds flew, another shot and the third shot and I was on the floor shutting my eyes gradually how seconds passed by and that moment I flew back into my past, smiling I was lying on the marble floor and my blood was drying away as I shut my eyes to the world.

Summer of 1989, traveling back in my past I only hear sounds of gun and crushers and shouts and cries, a dark past I had lived indeed. I was rising in the drug market that year, the market was a scandal. Every day a new death a new scam, a new controversy. Vin chi  was being consumed all over the year, that year opened opportunities for me but I also knew was coming a threat as a gift.

As my empire was growing over years, I could see and feel the desire and urge and desperation of growing wider everyday.

The greed and hunger for money had blindfolded me towards my friends my family and gradually that greed was leading to a major collapse in my career pushing me towards a point of madness and anger and sorrow. The end years of my life pulled me into depression and loneliness and vague desire forcing me to live. Days were just passing by as I was counting them on my fingers. Those unwanted wrinkles of hopelessness started to show on my face. The humiliating last days of my life left me with helplessness and regrets. As I reflected my negative past in front I even had my best days in those young wild years.

That morning, winters of december 1997, the temperature was -8 degree celsius. I was wearing a shirt with an over sweater with other several layers in an attempt to keep myself warm, holding a cup of hot coffee in my hand I heard a loud noise coming from outside my house, I knew it was time, I knew the day had arrived, inside I knew I could fight but that little life inside me had given away all hopes and the only future I saw was no future. Stepping outside I saw a huge troop with wide guns in their hands and I just stood their laughing as I got shot and in no time I was on the floor smiling and bid adieu.




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