Curatorial Note

The project started with the reading of Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’, a book which made me think about so many things in a different perspective. We then read a passage about a city called Isidora and tried to find the meaning behind it. We then rewrote that story and made our own visuals based on it. Then we picked out a passage of our choice and then worked with it throughout the duration of this project. As we moved forward we explored the deeper meaning behind Calvino’s text. I realized that all these descriptions written by him were more interconnected than I previously thought and understood how this talks about the various ways in which a mind of a person can work. There is an underlying reason for everything that happens in our life.

Even the passage that I chose, about a city called Esmeralda  talks about the decisions and steps that we take affect our decisions in life. The way in which our future takes shapes is constantly changing as it depends upon the actions and decisions we take and thus the structure of it changes too. There are always multiple ways available to us to achieve our goals, but it depends on each individual person what they choose to achieve it.


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