Curatorial Note

‘Invisible citites by Italo Calvino was the foundation of our project. Each of us had to choose a passage that we liked from the book and I chose The cities and the dead and my city was Argia. Each class we deconstructed our passage into smaller pieces and it helped us discover the metaphor behind our city.

The first time we were told to read our passage and deconstruct it, we did not have any direction as to where this was going. As we moved further we started looking at the passage from three perpectives, first being memory,second constructed environments and third semiotics. After looking at the passage from these perspectives we made visuals based on them, and then we started undertsanding all the elements and how they came together in our passage.

After deconstructing our passage we created our own narrative based on the same principles from Calvinos passage.We then turned that narrative into a visual and eventually turned the visual into a cut out.

I transformed my narrtive for Argia into my tunnel book. My tunnel book is like a grave , a lonely and dark place where the souls came to life at an ungodly hour. This was my understanding from Calvinos passage. I deconstructed each sentence in my passage and Calvinos description led me to thinking of the city as a graveyard. I have showed how the body lies beneath the groud dead and the soul comes to life in the city and describes it.



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