Cutorial Note

Through the integrative course we were introduced to the book “Invisible Cities” by Italino Calvino which we studied and analyzed in detail in seminar. We worked on this book over the next 6 weeks to arrive at out final project. The short study of the city of Isidora was like a warm up activity to understand how to deconstruct the passage and find its meaning. After rewriting the passage its essence, we then created a visual in studio depicting our narrative. The way I saw Isidora was as a city of youth where everyone feared turning old and everyone had a dream to achieve thus my visual tries to narrate the same.

Reading through the whole book a lot of cities and the message behind them intrigued me so when we had to narrow down on anyone of them I knewit had to be Despina. Rereading the passage several times, we looked at the city through several lenses such as Memory, Constructed Environment andSemiotics, my interpretation changing everytime. By relating the passage to theidea and working of memory we made a visual in Studio keeping in mindsilhouette. Through the Constructed Environment lenses we studied the build and plan of the city and what we imagine it to look like then again converting it into a silhouette and then cutting it out. During this process we learned how silhouettes and cut out work and how to make them work together so that the entire visual does not fall apart or has any loose edges. We then went on to analyze the city through Semiotics which is the study of signs and symbols. To make the deciphering easywe made a table dividing it into “Signifier”, “Signified”, “literal” and “metaphorical meaning”. This way we had an easy reference to aid our visual cut out which had to depict the same.

Finally we rewrote the city as a narrative taking help of all the lenses we studied our city through and used the narrative as our inspiration ofThe Tunnel Book. My narrative revolved around the idea of mirage,reflection of desire and the concept of perspective .My narrative spoke about a sailor who sees the city as a camel and when he finally arrives in the city he falls in love with it and a girl.However he leaves her to join a caravan travelling into the desert on the other end of the city andnext when he returns he sees the city as his ship.He thinks he is in a completelydifferent city until he sees the girl he is in love with. The protagonist imagined the city to be his desires and pictured elements of the desert and ocean and thus when entering it  from either side the city drew him in deeper and deeper  taking  him back and forth between fantasy and reality. This concept had to be translated into a tunnel book Finally after several trial and errors we were now accustomed to the art of cut out which made the process of developing 15 slides much easier. Through one side of my tunnel book one can see the elements forming a camel in the ocean and through the other side a ship in a desert with the girl in the middle of the two which makes you realise you are looking at one box and not two, similar to the essence of my narrative.


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