How does calvino describe this city?
According to Calvino in this context, the city of leonia emphasizes on memory as a lost term. This city has been described as a city which loses its identity its memory everyday. Every morning a new memory rises and as its time for sunset gradually the memory fades away. Calvino has also given a brief description about all the elements which are dumped everyday to give rise to a new element another day even for the people of leonia memory as a term doesn’t hold importance. Memory in this city is not considered to be a very subtle term.

What is the role of the monuments?
Monuments is this city aren’t really pictured and visualized well enough to be given a role to lead. All about this city is the mountain like formations building up across the edges of the city rising everyday caused because of the elements which are thrown out everyday leading to a major stress for the city.
How does urban interact with the natural?
The urban occupants find comfort in residing in the natural. Every element in the city is used in its natural form until the time its is dumped leading to the growth of the same form the other day. A very basic pattern is followed in this city everyday also causing people to have faded or no memories of their past. This city shows no importance for past, things don’t happen naturally but against the law of the nature. Where past is supposed to hold importance its thrown away everyday. Throwing elements at the edge of the city everyday, sweepers considered as angels, growth of city waste and no place to dump all causing major hazard to the nature. The city in easy terms does not interact well enough with the natural entities.


How do we distinguish between natural and man made?
Man made forms do not hold major importance in the city because they’re built up everyday and thrown out everyday. Every morning the elements are replaced from its new form causing to no aging and no growth in the city, as its time to say goodbye for an old element, a new element rises from birth whereas natural elements are aging day by day causing no harm to any entity in the city.


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