Final Passage

I came to Dorothea when I was eighteen years old. Before coming to Dorothea, I used to stay with my family in Zaire. My family consists of my mother who is a housewife and would at times help my father in the farm, my father who is farmer and my brother who shifted to Dorothea two years back. I came here in my youth to fulfill my desires, in order to earn a living and support my family. My brother with whom I stay, in Dorothea, is a well known priest. When I came here, the first thing that caught my attention was the people and the clothes that they were wearing. Men usually wore plaid shirts with straight pants and the women wore long skirts with plain coloured blouse. Most of them spoke in their native language as well as English which was a universal language. They did not dress up too fashionably. They are very helpful as they helped me in locating the address that was given to me by my brother. There was a wedding that took place and my brother, being a priest was called for it. He gave me the address and had asked me to come there directly as soon as I got down of the station to witness a Dorothea type of a wedding. The mornings were usually hot and the evenings were a little chilly because of the desert. The architecture of the city cannot be compared to Zaire, which was a rural area. The buildings are so well maintained. The towers, the gates and the drawbridges act as if they are guarding the nine quarters with three hundred houses. The houses were usually one or two storied.  I reached the place where the wedding was taking place. I met my brother after a long time. There was so much joy which could not be expressed in words. He introduced me to everyone. They were all very kind and polite. The bride was getting married to a young man of another quarter. This was a custom that was followed by everyone in which the girl had to get married to  men of other quarters. This helped them to grow as a city. The families were quite rich and it was more like a barter system that took place. They gave their daughters in the name of marriage and received expensive goods that the families possessed. I came to the city with a desire to earn and support my family. Before coming to the city , the only routes that were familiar to me were the desert and the caravan routes. But it took me years to  realize that the decision that I had made which was to stay ,was not the right one. I found myself yearning for the desert and the caravan routes. I have been longing to travel across to unknown places , to feel the sand and the warm sun.This was only one of the many paths that Dorothea offered me and others are yet to discover.


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