Memory Narrative

I went to Dorothea to work on a project. I had to take interviews of the people staying in Dorothea. When I entered the city, the first thing that came to my mind was the hot weather. It was so hot because of the desert. The architecture of the building was beautiful. Everything about it was so well planned. The people were kind and helpful and did not resist or refused in giving interviews. They had a very simple way of dressing up. They usually wore pastel coloured clothes. Men wore plaid pants and plaid shirt while women wore long cotton blouses and long skirts. Both men as well as women wore jewelleries. They wore silver plated armlets and anklets . While I was taking the interview of a camel driver who brought me to the city from the station, I noticed some people gathering around a place. I got down to see what was happening. This is when I experienced a Dorothean type of wedding. The girl was getting married to young man of the same city but of another quarter. They families were wealthy. They gave the bride’s family expensive goods at the time of marriage. They gave them their daughter and in return the family gave them expensive goods. I asked the camel driver about the system of exchanging goods. He told me that it was a custom that everyone had to follow. I continued taking his interview. He told me about his experience of coming to the city. He came to the city when he was in his youth to earn a living.


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