Photographic Essay

My college had organized a portrait session for two weeks. Everyday a new model would come for the session . All of them were very interactive and would wait back after the session and guide us on our sketches except for one. She would come for the session and as soon as the session would get over, she would leave. She was a beautiful model with coloured eyes, long legs, thin fingers and a perfect figure. I became quite curious as she was not like other models. She always remained quiet . She came twice for the session . On the last day, I decided that I would speak to her . After the session , I quickly packed my bag so that I could speak to her. But before I could speak to her, she left. I was a little disappointed. But then I got over with it thinking that it was not in my luck. The other day I went to the  college library to fetch a book on still life and portraits in olden days. I was surprised when I saw a picture of the same model in that book which was over a century old. I could not believe my eyes. I issued the book so that I could show it to my professor. I went to show it to him. But he did not believe me.  I tried searching for her in the college records. All the models that came for the session, their details were mentioned in the register. She was the only one whose details were not mentioned. There was no sign of her. It is still a mystery as to who she was and where did she come from.



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