Eutropia- poetry

When I get tired of the known,

I move to the unknown,

A new start, a beginning of unknown

becoming known.

Soon, it becomes a memory,

packed and left behind.

Again, everything is different

but yet the the same.


Eutropia, Tunnel Narrative

As his imprints of the feet in the sand fades away with the wind, he experiences a change in his body. Always packing his bag, filling it with memories and excited to move from one city to another, he always loses its bag on its way. He lives in a city called Eutropia which demands them to travel when they feel the grip of weariness after a certain period of time and start their life from the beginning. Whether you are on the top of the rolling plateau or the bottom, you will never have the same life, you will have a different wife, job as well as friends.

When he had entered the city, he built his house right next to the statue of Mercury, god of fickle and there, a beautiful girl with brown hair flying as if it was trying to reach out to him. As he went closer to her, her cheeks reached her eyes and when he asked her name, eyebrows came together, cheeks went back to their position and she looked confused. As he moved from the city on the top to the lower one by just walking down few stairs which was waiting new and empty for them, his life changed. What he experienced in the previous city didn’t belong to him anymore.

He started arranging his house next to the stream and right next to his was the house of a beautiful lady with brown hair tied in a bun and a tired look on her face who was cleaning the window and brick walls. As soon as he sees her, he was sure that this was the lady he wanted to spend his entire life with and as he approaches her, her face lightens up but when he asks her, “have you just shifted here? Do you need help?” her face becomes small as if there was some hope that was lost again. She acted as if she knew him all his life but he failed to recognise her everytime they met.

It was Alzheimer that separated him from reality and he thought he was moving from one place to another because of which everytime he was having a fresh beginning but it was memory that he was losing which gave him a new start and made him think that. He didn’t realise that the ladies he met in every city and fell in love with them was the same lady all the time and in real life was his wife but since he was losing his memory he thought all the ladies were different. He couldn’t recognise his own wife and she was breaking from inside and everytime he lost his memory, he proposed to her again and again as if he was proposing to a new lady. Everytime when he asks his wife her name, her heart skips a beat and looses hope with it and as soon as he forgets those memories that they used to cherish, life makes no sense to her. He couldn’t distinguish between his mind and reality, whatever that happened in reality, he linked it to the city he made up in his mind so that everything in his life would make sense to him.







Not one city, but many Division The area is large, that it could be divided into many cities Not one life but many lives
Rotation Movement Citizens move from one city to another Citizens need change or they think everything is changing.
Scattered over a rolling plateau Rolling plateau is divided into many cities Large area Their experiences and memories are scattered over different areas/ Memories are so scattered that it is difficult to join them and sum it up as one life
Inhabitants feel the grip of weariness At a point of time, they get tired of their life Citizens need change, want to renew their life In life we are excited for something and when we get it, we are soon unhappy and unsatisfied with it and we demand for something else
Life is renewed new beginning living different lives in one life Even though citizens are living the same life they feel everything has changed.

eg. People with alzheimer

New job, different wife/ Same scenes with actors changed Change Everytime people are living different lives with new people and new lifestyle People who suffer from alzheimer, even though they are living the same routine and life, since they forget, so everything is new for them, even their wife.
City is sacred to Mercury, god of fickle Changing frequently Lots of variety since everything is changing Not satisfied with one thing.




This small piece of paper holds the most unforgettable memory of my life, my 8th birthday. My parents had thrown a grand barbie themed birthday party for me and i had distributed these invitation cards to my friends. I remember, i was hopping from class to class, calling out to my friends and giving it to them and seeing a bright smile on their face which assured me that they were coming. This card doesn’t only take me back to that day but reminds me of all the years and memories after that day. The most interesting part is that i had invited myself for my own party which makes me laugh everytime when i see it. Moreover, it makes me miss the innocent and bubbly part of me and i remember at that time i just wanted to become an adult and do everything like make up, shopping, go out alone and be free but today when i am old i want to go back to my childhood days, away from tension and responsibilities. This invitation card must be printed when i was 8 years old, but this captures all the memories i had after that and takes me through the journey of my life and makes me realise how much i have changed. Earlier, small small things used to excite me like the gifts and even though on the card my mom had written “no gifts, only blessings” but when i gave my friends these cards, i specifically told them to, get gifts or else i wont talk to them. This card never misses to make me laugh but at the same time makes me scared that my childhood days are gone and i will never be able to experience the same thing again.


Constructed Environments

How does Calvino describe his cities?

Calvino describes Eutropia as many cities making one city and when people are tired of the place and their life out there, they move to another part of the city where everything will be different, their job, friends as well as their wife. He doesn’t give any specific details about the city like what type of houses are there, occupation, who decides when to move but he describes the entire process that takes place. In the end of the passage he reveals that the city is sacred to Mercury, the god of fickle which is why all the changes are temporary and unstable.

What is the role that monuments play?

In Eutropia, there is no monument as such but probably the path that connects one city to another is very important and could be counted as monument. If these paths weren’t there to lead them to the other part then this entire cycle wouldn’t carry on and if this would not happen then Eutropia would just be a normal city.

How does the urban interact with the natural?

Since natural is something that is given by the earth so the rolling plateau that makes Eutropia could be natural and people build their houses on that, so houses becomes man made. So everytime when people move, they make their houses in one area, then break it and move on to the next area and rebuild them again. So their entire life revolves around the natural resource that is land and when they are tired of the place, they move on to another. If they didn’t have abundant of land, this cycle wouldn’t take place.

How do we distinguish between nature and man made?

The difference between man made and nature is very evident, so the houses are manmade and rolling plateau and streams are nature and people are highly dependant on nature as because of this only the cycle works.

Week 4

Lower Parel

         A mix of industrial and residential buildings bordering the bridges and roads of Lower Parel always leading to your destination. The smell of fish, food and flowers revolves are you. When you go outside India Bulls, trying to look for cabs, you won’t have to struggle as this is the only place where drivers come upto you to fulfil your demands. You utter a places’s name and they will hurry to find a friend of theirs to take you there instead of a random driver and this is because of the community they have formed. Moreover, the tall industrial buildings are overshadowing the tiny residential ones by their beauty and shiny glass. Apart from that, this area is always crowded by people and vehicles and in so much of hustle and bustle, you yet feel calm and can enjoy the silence and this is what makes Lower Parel so different.

Week 3



Marine Drive


Everyday going through the same area and yet feeling different about this area is quite mesmerising for me. Passing through the same waves crashing the same rocks yet they tell you a different story and creating a distinct mood. Its very interesting that how there are so many things going on in one area and despite of that one yet feels so peaceful and everyone is in their own little bubble. But i wonder, that what we feel sitting next to the sea and appreciating its beauty, does the sea feel the same about us?

Furthermore, since today it was raining, so there was no one sitting near the rocks but everyone was sitting under the flyover and this was the right time for me to meet the beauty of the sea and its sound. The waves were crashing the rocks as if the were calling me so i decided to secretly jump into the sea and hear what they had to say. I go in and the water splashes out, expecting to see few beautiful fish and waves coming to welcome me but i was surprised with what i saw. Only garbage and wastes. I could hear the waves crying and pleading me to give them back their old sea city. This is when i realised that we must be lucky to have a sea in our city but sea doesn’t feel lucky to have us near their sea city.


JJ School of Arts


Standing there in the corner and the noise of the pencil stroke reaching my ear, but i knew they were not sketching me. My elegant curves were exposed and my legs were beautifully draped by a white cloth forming so many creases which added to my beauty and each trying to reach out everyone’s attention. Moreover, looking at the people who could freely move their hands and body the way they want and i was stuck with one position and no hands would make me frustrate but i never showed it on my face. Looking like humans and yet not being able to do anything that they can do, shatters me from inside. My beauty and the confidence instilled in me overpowers my disability because of which today i stand in this famous school.

Moreover, everyday hundred of humans sketch me on their paper and everyone sees me differently. When someone is unable to sketch me they blame it on me by saying “why would anyone make this?” But today, it was a very unusual day, humans who gave me birth are today taking their own child’s place. All the eyes are looking at her, where there used to be a time when no eyeballs would move from my body, and now i am ignored by everyone? All the pencils and hands excited to sketch me are today drawing someone else? i feel betrayed by my own parents and feel like running in the middle but my disability stops me here.


Juhu Beach


My hard feet walking over the same soft sand again and again trying to find the happiness that i had lost few years back. Taking the load of cheerful kids sitting behind me and laughing reminds me of the family that i had lost. For me, the village people were my family but for them i was just a source of income, which is why i stand here today at the place called Juhu. All the caring and concern was just so that they could obtain milk from me and sell it and i misunderstood that as love as i thought it was because they had accepted me as their family even though i didn’t look like them or talk like them, i thought i was a part them.

Moving on, my new boss, hits me with the belt and tortures me whenever i slow down but he doesn’t hurt me emotionally and everyday seeing people behind my back enjoying recovers all the pain. Moreover, i have never been surrounded by so many people in one place, never seen water chasing people, never seen so many emotions in one area but today i just feel like i’m in probably different planet and i belong here and there is so much of freedom all around me but except for animals like me.