Semiotics cut out

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.37.31 pm

This cut out from the semiotics show all the cities, high-rises,  memories,streets,people,armies depicting a firing,swirling stairs being sucked into that one sponge (the sponge being the brain of the thinker) to untie everything to become one.




The project that I have worked on was completely base upon the fact that “no matter what happens to a persons life, his memories will forever stay alive and strong.

The topic that I chose from Calvino’s book was “THE CITY OF ZAIRA”. The city of Zaria was based all upon the fact that it is impossible to describe it if we were to focus on it’s appearances only. I could literally just tell how many steps there are in the streets that rise like stairways, talk about the curvature of the arcades, or mention the kind of tiles that cover the roofs. But it wouldn’t be of any use since he himself thought that it was all nothing just a mere memory. After all, every building and every street is filled with memories. A city is basically just some space overflowing with history as time passes on, a mixture of the present and the past.

The exercise of creating a tunnel book out of the culmination of all the work done till now just showed me how well we are able to use and portray spaces and construct these crazy yet beautiful ideas in our minds and physically represent on paper.



Poem Describing Zaira

To describe Zaira, a great burden,

In vain shall I attempt,

To gain nothing but neglect.


To describe Zaira, a great enigma,

In harmony of memory flowing through.

Damned by  a heavenly stigma,

In tyranny of tragedy blowing through.


To describe Zaira, a great poetry in motion,

In symphony shall I speak?

To wound its memories around its city walls,

Is to see the mere metaphor in the city